Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Obscenely Long Photo Post

I apologize (especially to those of you out there with dial-up or other slow connections) for the number of pics to load in this post...I just decided that I needed to get a bit of a photo essay out of the way before I could get on with more posting now that we're back in the good ol' snowy state of Alaska. So without further adeu, here are a selection of pics from Xmas break!!

Loki was quite relieved when the plane travel was over. He pretty much just passed out in a ball in the back seat of my parents' car for the ride from O'Hare. I couldn't blame him.

Of course, he later regained his energy to the point he could demonstrate his firm belief that despite being a 70+ pound Lab, he is, indeed, a lap dog.

George and I take our beer drinking very, very seriously.

My nephew Nathan got some presents for Christmas, which he enjoyed very much. He's a happy kid.

Our friend Katie came to Point for a New Years visit. Here she is apparently demonstrating that lack of alcohol causes her some sort of facial swelling.

The New Years Eve "Around the World" party was pretty crazy...definitely a cool idea with lots of different spirits in which to imbibe...

Which led to some interesting dancing, to say the least. If you want to see a couple really good pics from New Years Eve, check out Sara's post on the subject.

And of course we made it up north for a day. This may have been the only time we saw real snow for the whole time we were in Wisconsin. Sad, huh?

Back at the bar, our beautiful friends were out in style...

...and so were their respective Hamuses. Note the cans of bad beer...only the best for us Pointers. But hey, dollar cans of Hamms? I'll take it.

'Cuz hey, when you're in Point...there's always enough Elbow Room.

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pattyb23 said...

Cute Picts! Of course, being me, I want copies!!!