Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Video..

Well, I guess if I can't do a lot of blogging, at least I can post videos, right?

Here's Isaac playing his game of the day (for Thursday)..."I run, and they chase me!"

P.S. Please pardon the messy state of our house...moving soon, ya know...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Spring, I mean...not in the Sir-Mix-Alot usage. Though have you seen that BK commercial? Disturbing...

So yeah, I've obviously been lured away from the at-length blogging here by the micro-blogging miracles that are Facebook and Twitter. Though if you're reading this, you're probably a Facebook friend, and maybe even a Twitter-er. If you are on Twitter and don't have me there, I'm shibby917. Hook a brotha up.

Not much to update here that hasn't been covered the last month we've played Trivia (Dad's = 2nd place to Network. Look out next year...), made and then broken plans for a visit to SoCal, watched spring struggle to arrive on the Y-K Delta, started (barely) getting ready for our big move to Bethel, and done a lot of chasing an 11 month old destruction machine around the house. Good times.

Ok, I must warn you...there's a video here. It's really boring, most likely, unless you're related to this little bugger. Also, he was running around nekkid last night before his bath when he opened up his early bday gifts from grandma, grandpa, and Auntie if you're at all offended by baby-wang, don't click play. Indeed, I probably wouldn't have posted it here, if it weren't for the fact that Google Video has now stopped offering direct uploads (where I would normally have uploaded this, marked it as unpublished family video and just sent a link to grandparents), and I can't access youtube from here, so on the blog it goes for all the world to see. I apologize to Ike in advance for future embarrassment/trauma/therapy, and if anyone feels I should take it down, just let me know :-P