Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Well THERE'S yer problem!"

So yeah, when they tell you to be careful about over-reving your snowmachine when the track's frozen, because you might ruin your belt...

They're not kidding.

Good thing we're S-M-R-T and keep a spare around! (though now we have to order a replacement for the spare...but at least we can still bum around for now :-P)

You know what's tough?

Getting back on the blogging train once you've missed a whole bunch of time. Especially over the holidays and beginning of a semester when there is really SO much blogworthy stuff to catch up on, that it just keeps getting more and more daunting.

So you keep slacking.

But fear not, dear readers...I will take up the challenge. For now, here are links to 2 photo galleries that are posted on Facebook but available for all you non-facebookers to see :-P