Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Windy Sunrise

I was at school this morning to sit in on the 3rd grade class I'll be taking over for a couple months (gulp!), listening to the wind howl outside, when I noticed a pink glow enter the room from the window behind me. I turned around to check out the sunrise (mind you, it was around quarter after 10), and immediately shuffled down to Sara's room to grab her camera. All kinds of funky colors that the camera didn't even catch. Cool, eh?

But as I poked my head out the back door to take a couple shots, I was having trouble staying still in the wind. And it's gotten worse all day...there's a "high wind warning" in effect, with a nice 40-something mph breeze gusting into the 60s. They're supposedly getting into the 80s down on the coast. That's in the hurricane range, peoples...and not at all uncommon. Perfect kite flying weather!

The nice thing is that the temperature's been really warm the last couple of days. It was in the upper 30s yesterday and mid 40s today, and it actually rained for a while last night. Crazy. But combined with all the extra sunlight we're seeing on a daily basis, it's almost like a little dose of spring.


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Vanessa said...

I could only hope for that kind of temperature in a month. It's soo freaking cold. The high for today is 5 degrees!