Thursday, January 18, 2007

How I spent my Wednesday

Or at least a good chunk of it, anyway.

When we returned from sunny, almost-tropical Wisconsin last weekend, we were reminded with no undue subtlety that it had, indeed, actually been winter in some parts of the world. The chief symptom of this "actual winter" condition (besides near-total lack of satellite reception...grr) being the crazy amount of snow on the ground. Which, all in all, is pretty nice - things seem a lot closer and easier to get to in the village when you can just travel in straight lines, not worrying about boardwalks and such. However, when you've been gone for a month and your snowmobile has been sitting outside, unmoved for at least that long...well...let's just say I was happy we could see part of it sticking out of the snow and didn't have to go searching for it.

So, after a couple hours of digging, I extracted it yesterday. And really, it was a nice enough day to be out...sunny and well enough into the 30s that water was starting to drip off the frozen powerlines. It was hard to get a decent picture with the shadows, but here's the crater from which the bugger was extracted. If I had been thinking, I would have taken a "before" picture, with just the windshield sticking out of the snow.

But, obviously, I wasn't thinking.

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Vanessa said...

Hey, now you guys get the tropical weather and we get barely into the double digits at night.