Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dispatch from the Not-Quite-As-North

Yes, I realize it's been almost a month since I've posted...but let me explain. I was really busy those last few days before I left for Wisconsin and the holidays, and then once I was home I got to be a different kind of busy...a good kind, for sure, but still not very conducive to getting online and blogging up a storm. But just so I feel caught up, let me hit a couple points:

- Basketball became a little frustrating before I left, but thankfully I have help...both in the form of a "real" coach basically taking over for me, and my lovely fiancee helping out and shouldering a bunch of the responsibility while I was gone...responsibility she never signed up for in the first place. Thanks, yo.

- NYO trip I helped chaperone was pretty fun. I've got pics and stuff that I'll probably post sometime after I get back.

- I know it's going to bite me in the ass on the return trip for saying this, but travel went very smoothly on my way back to Wisconsin, despite all the extra stuff and scheduled detours I had to make. I hope it goes half as well and on time on the way home.

- Xmas break has been fun so far at home...stories and pictures to come, I assure you.

BUT, here's the real reason I was reminded to post here today...a link from the Anchorage Daily News that caught my eye:

Yeah, that's the trail we ride to Bethel from Nunap. Makes me think about bringing up one of the pistols, you know? Not seriously, but it's making its way across my mind, that's for sure. Or at least carrying something along when we ride. I mean, its not like they're just mugging people and taking their stuff. They're killing and trying to kill people. What the heck, man?

Anyways, just saw that and thought it was worth posting. Can't promise it'll be before I get back to AK, but I will be posting again until then, happy new year!!


Kimmie said...

I pulled out my phone to call you when I was in Pointski, then saw I didn't even have your number. Ooops. :(

Anonymous said...

DAMN! Be careful man and be safe!
Nice to see you again!
-Josh from Associated