Friday, December 8, 2006

Lots going on

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say yes, there will be a blog entry or two coming up happenings, N.Y.O. happenings (I'm currently...and Kwethluk helping with the team), and various travel happenings. But for the time being, enjoy a post left by a fellow teacher here...and fellow regards to potentially making some "social" plans for over Christmas break:

Friday, Dec 8, 6:23:19 pm
Peter Fee

I get the Point Shaun. I hope to get some elbow room the night of the the 23rd. Maybe we can stop and see Joe and visit that dairy brick house and watch a little Buffy, sound friendly enough? Of course there's always--who was your old partner again--Stanley? Plus, it is essential to wear a top hat at Clark's place. Frank and Ernie are always home too, however, beware of their mad dog--is it still alive? Last, we need to visit Joe the Italian out at the central water train junction. The holidays are exhausting--after all the visitation of friends and family--it will be good to return home to Nunap.


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