Monday, August 28, 2006

Well hello there

Partially, I'm just checking in here at 12:28am on a Sunday night/Monday morning to assure you I haven't been eaten by a rogue salmon or anything...I've just had a perfect storm of internet issues and time issues this week that kept me from being online much at all. Sorry about that. More stories and pictures to come, I promise.

But for now, I wanted to just post a link to a story that I found interesting and that might give some of you a bit of a frame of reference for what life's like up here using something I know many of you are familiar with...high school football.

An added bonus, of course, goes to the fact that the story is about the school where our previously-mentioned northernmost pal Jody is a teacher! Allowing you, gentle readers, get the inside scoop as well. Nifty, eh?

(I would just like to point out, postscript-style, that while Barrow is indeed way, way up there, it also has a population of around 4,700. Nunapitchuk is roughly 1/10th that size. So I don't think I can hope for a $100,000 football program around here anytime soon. Just have to wait 'til basketball season, I guess.)

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jody said...

Hey, mister "i got a blog and plugged jody on it twice but never told her that i even had one"

How ya doing!

great pictures! keep it up!