Tuesday, August 8, 2006


This is the view from our front door. That's the Johnson River there behind all the plumbing and the (diesel?) tanks for the power plant. Hey, I've always wanted to live on the water, and really, I could probably throw a baseball into the river from our front steps :-)

Another front door view, looking to the right, which gives a good shot of the boardwalks I've mentioned. They go everywhere around the village, down to the river, etc. They're just a few inches off the tundra mostly, and Loki's had a good time jumping on and off, into the swampy goodness of the not-yet-frozen tundra.

This is a picture of the "school dock", taken from the school's boat as we took it to go fill up the gas tank. Actually, Christina was taking it to get gas, and Sara and I tagged along to see how it's done and where to go so we could know how things work in the future.

This is Sara and Christina (and Bailey...you'll be hearing more about Bailey), in the boat at the gas station. Have I mentioned how important boats are up here? Hey dad, we haven't had ours out in a couple years...mind mailing it up for a few months? Slap some stamps on 'er, I'm sure she'll make it up in a week or so...right?

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