Monday, January 28, 2008


So Sara and I try not to get too serious about looking online for houses at this point. However. Apparently, our dream house just went on the market in Amherst.

Here's a link to the listing.

Please, please remind me that we're not supposed to buy a house right now....40 acres...partially wooded...outbuildings...ceiling beams....BRICK FARMHOUSE...UGH!!


Kimberly said...

Well, I couldn't resist if my dream house went on the market!!! Why not buy it? Your parents can get it all ready for you to move into until you can reside in it yourselves. :)

Vanessa, WI said...

Beautiful house and a very pretty location it looks, I agree with kimberly!!

Anonymous said...

Why NOT buy it? It's beautiful and with 40 acres? Buy, buy, buy!