Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back in the Saddle (kinda)

Well, sorry for the long break in posting, but here we are, back again after xmas vacation. Far, far too many things to post from break, so rather than try to hit the high points and forget/leave out a whole bunch, I'm just going to skip the whole thing. Suffice it to say, lots of fun, friends, family, food, fermented beverages, and a whole bunch of other things that probably don't start with the letter F. If I'm feeling ambitious and in need of a post topic later, maybe I'll reach back into my bag of stories. And there's probably a photo post to be had out of my xmas pictures as well...we'll see.

So we're back, and what a shock to the system the weather was. Back in Wisconsin, the weather had been beautiful...too beautiful for early January, in fact. Since we've gotten back here, we've had blizzard warnings, a canceled school day, and a reminder that our brand of digital weather station only reads down to -21.9 before saying "off scale - low" (though at the time, the wind was calm, so there was no wind chill to speak of.)

The blizzard that hit us Sunday night through yesterday has left a massive drift in front of our door...I'll try to get a picture of it after school tonight. It's really quite impressive.

Otherwise, just getting back in the swing of things here at school and in the village. Aside from math classes, I've got a "Computer Applications" class with some of the high school kids, and we'll be working on updating totally re-doing the school's website, so I'm sure I'll be posting links for you to see our progress. Good times.

Loki is definitely happy to be back in all the snow...his habit of "needing" to go outside 3 or 4 times an hour is getting worse with all the snowdrifts to play in. I'm sure he misses all of his "grandparents" back in Wisconsin, but he's been having fun running laps both inside and outside of his Nunap house.

Anyways, I'm sure there will be plenty to post on the Loki, baby, school, basketball, and who-knows-what-other fronts in the next few months, so I'll just stop here and look forward to a great spring semester!

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