Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Into the Homestretch

So what have we been up to since Trivia? Not much, not much.

Last week was my first week post-subbing, and really, it was quite boring. Nice, but boring. I got our snowmobile put away for the summer (sad!) and some calls made and stuff taken care of for the wedding, but other than that, didn't have too much going on.

Then, over the weekend, we had to fly into Bethel for another marriage prep session at the church. Even without riding in on snowmobile, travel was a little hairy. The airport here in Nunap is on the opposite side of the river, which at the moment is right at that sketchy stage where there is ice in most spots, but it's not very good ice, and you have to have a good idea where to go or else you're going to get wet. Thus, with noone willing (smartly) to take us by snowmobile or 4-wheeler, we had to walk to the airport to catch our plane. We got there, made it to Bethel, walked around and got some dinner, and had a lovely time Saturday night at the White House. Sunday we made it to mass and got our last conversation in with the Priest, and still had time to do a little shopping before heading back to the airport for the quick flight back to the village.

So after worrying about whether the ice on the river was going to be good enough for us to cross back and forth to the airport a couple times over the weekend, what have we been up to since? Well ice fishing, of course!!

Gotta love ice fishing in May :-)

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