Wednesday, May 23, 2007


So that's it, huh? The school year's over already? Doesn't seem like it's possible.

Let's see, what's been up? Well, I helped chaperone a slumber party last weekend for the 5th grade class and the Junior High basketball team. It was pretty fun, and noone was too poorly behaved or annoying (thank god). At one point I let the kids use my camera, which resulted in about a hundred pictures (like the one at right) on my card in a stunningly short period of time. Which is cool by me :-)

What else? Oh, got to drive the boat over to Akiuk for the first time this spring. We took off after sunset, which worried me a little bit seeing as the sun had already set, but thankfully the angle the sun goes down in this part of the world meant we had more than enough twilight to get there and back, still able to see the paths and cuts between lakes. It was cool, actually my first time driving the whole way, so now I'm pretty confident in my knowledge of the path. It was like the first time snowmobiling to's different when I'm the one that actually has to, you know, pay attention to the route :-P I'm really a hands-on type of learner.

Other than that, now it's all about getting stuff cleaned up, packed up, and moved. We're heading out a week from Friday, so we've got a little time left...thank god.


pattyb23 said...

Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that shibby? its the beer calling to you. it wants to be in your belly!

The first Paulaner is on me!