Wednesday, October 4, 2006


Hey there! Not much of a post here, sorry about that. Much of my week has consisted of watching my teams lose...The Packers got blown out in the second half Monday night (and the next day released Ahmad Carroll, thank god), and then the Twins have played flat and lost their first two ALDS game the last couple of mornings. I'm the kiss-of-death as a fan. I'm aware of this. It's how it works.

Anywho, here's a picture from last weekend before all the losing started! Peter, Jenny, Sara and I went out fishing Saturday evening. We weren't out long, as we had gotten out pretty late, but it was a good time despite the wind and rain. Ran into some kids that were out hunting and chatted a while and got some tips on spots to try later, and had another bit of excitement involving the river and a finicky motor. Everything was fine, but I'll admit to a brief moment of thinking "here we go again..."

Otherwise, all's well here. Sara and I went on a bit of an online shopping spree the other night. Nothing extravagant mind you, all entirely necessary and reasonable purchases (well, ok...maybe the Twins Division Championship shirt was a bit of overkill), but it does make for a daily dose of excitement while walking to the postoffice. Between Amazon, Target, Cabelas,, and others, the odds of each day being a little like Christmas rise quite nicely. And opening that PO box and seeing that little yellow ticket is always a highlight of the day.

Oh, in other news...looked at the forecast yesterday, and supposedly there's a chance of getting snow in the next couple of days! Woohoo!

And, it's PFD day! :-)

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Adam said...

You need to get yourself a old Vietnam river boat up there...That'd be perfect. Or if its deep enough, a PT boat. Incase you wanna go bird hunting while ur fishing. Ya know?