Sunday, October 22, 2006

Moderately productive, as weekends go

I'm in at school, playing online while Sara does her Sunday evening lesson planning, so here are a few pictures from this weekend as long as I have a couple minutes...

Christina and Carey were both in Bethel Friday night, so we had Bailey over for a little bit of dogsitting/playtime with Loki. This shot just happened to catch them in a fairly, um, playful moment. They look downright evil, don't they? I think it's the red background. But don't worry, they're still friends...

See, I told you...still buddies. So they hung out and wrestled and slobbered on one another most of the night. A little the next day as well. As for Sara and I, we were on call to help pick people up from the airport. Which was good, because I had yet to really drive the school boat (mostly because I'm a chicken, and have far, far too little experience driving boats considering where I was born and raised), and this was the necessary push I needed to get me comfortable behind the wheel of the thing.

See? That's me, driving. Not a big deal, I know. But I got over that little hump of actually *doing it*, you know? And you know what? Pretty easy. And fun, too.

Oh, and we finally built shelves yesterday, too. No pictures of them yet ('cuz really, how interesting is that? Just shelves on a wall), but they turned out pretty nicely, if I do say so myself. We had gotten the materials in Bethel way back when and had been basically waiting to get up the motivation to get into the woodshop and get them done, and for some reason inspiration struck Saturday. Now that they're done, I'm looking for a new project already...thinking about turning an old door that's just sitting off its hinges in out apartment into a table...or an island in the kitchen...or into fold-up counter space....or we'll see ;-)

And oh, before I forget, I have a link to post, too. Here's a story I found linked on Drudge from the L.A. Times, regarding the possibilities of bird flu migrating from Asia into Alaska through the villages in this area of the state. Interesting stuff, but mostly I'm posting it because it's a national article about this area, with pictures and descriptions done by, you know, an actual, professional writer-type person.

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Anonymous said...

We did not build the shelves. YOU built the shelves. I sat in a corner wearing ear protection (LOUD NOISES!), then went and checked e-mail, while you did all the work.

Just going for journalistic accuracy.