Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Technical note

Yes, I realize I still owe you guys a post on my first experience with subbing last week (plus Monday of this week, as it turns out...), but this is just a quick post regarding my triumphant return to the mystical, addicting land of MSN Messenger. Or rather, in reality, the short-livedness thereof.

As you may be aware if you've been online the last few days, I discovered over the weekend that dispite MSN messenger being blocked my the school's filter, the "web messenger" site still worked on my computer. So, after having given up on being able to easily keep in touch with a lot of you (email is a little harder for my brain to process, at least quickly...I know, I'm retarded), I thought I'd discovered a way around it and would be able to get on for a little while most days.

Well, it was working earlier today...ask Aaron, we talked a little about Trivia this afternoon. of 5 minutes ago when I opened my computer to sign on here at school, the site is blocked. Nice. Mind you, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, and iChat work just fine. It's just MSN that happens to apparently arouse the rath of the internet peoples of the district. Figures. Oh well, I was doing fine without it, so I'll get back into that mindset. Just irks me that I thought now I'd be able to use it once in a while is all. So sorry guys, I tried. If you're looking for me, email, or log in to your old yahoo or aol accounts and try to find me...

UPDATE: Well, as of Thursday night, it's working again. Weird. Random...but I'll take it when I can get it :-P Well nevermind let me on for about 10 minutes, then crashed my browser and now it's blocked again. Sweet.

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