Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More random pictures

Well, as long as I'm posting today, I might as well post a few more of the pictures I've been sitting on, dontcha think?

Last week we took a ride over to Akiuk to pick up Sara from an ELD training day and to visit for a while. This is a view from Sara R.'s front steps. The pic didn't really turn out too well, but it was a pretty nice sunset nonetheless.

There's a group of puppies that have been hanging around near the school dock the last week or so, and Jenny and I were trying get them to play with us before we went to Akiuk. Unfortunately, they were pretty leary, but I got a picture of one poking it's head out from under the boardwalk.

I was lucky enough to be invited along fishing for a few hours with a couple of the teachers this weekend. We were able to get a couple of decent pike (notice I say "we"...I caught exactly zero, though I did get a good follow). Trust me, once I bring home my first good pike (or goose or duck or whatever), more pics will follow. But for now, just a story of a good few hours out on the water.

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