Monday, December 29, 2008

Xmas Break So Far (in Varying Poetic Forms)

Travel (McWhirtle)

The airplanes and jetways
are never the problem,
it's just getting airborne
in spite of the fog.

And so as I shouted
while sprinting the tarmac,
"Just screw my blue luggage
and load the damn dog!"

First week Back (Haiku)

Beer and cigarettes
Nights at Joe's Bar on the Square
Like I never left

Weather (Fib)

More snow.
Roads are bad,
But the plows aren't out:
Waiting to make holiday pay.

Christmas (Limerick)

As the holiday season inspired us
To be social and festive and pius,
Clan Mac drove up North,
Where we all waddled forth,
To the can with a mean norovirus.


Kimberly said...

So very, very creative! Awesome!

Sorry about the continued illness... ugh...

Vanessa, WI said...

LOL, that is all.

funky punk said...

Did you write these on a bar napkin at Joe's??

Fun idea...