Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rougher in Alaska!

So being the giant nerds that we are, Sara and I listen to a lot of Public Radio. Mind you, this is the only radio station we get, and even if it wasn't, our radio dial is broken, stuck on 640am, so it wouldn't matter. But even so, we both listened to a lot of Public Radio before we were up here, so it's fine by us. Anyways, for those of you back in the lower 48, let me explain a little about our ...eclectic...local station. It's a mix of the following:

1. Standard NPR programs we all know and love (Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Cartalk/WWDT/Prairie Home Companion/whatever else on the weekends)

2. Local programming like area news/events/weather, along with some very regional "traditional" stuff (like the Birthday Call-In show at 3:30 every day, where people can just call in and wish friends and family a happy birthday, and which, considering local phone etiquette, can be quite humorous). Not to mention locally-programmed music shows that are as crazy and varied as the folks who live here...Reggae one night, Techo the next. Kinda like large scale college radio, now that I think of it. The Thirsty Thursday Show was EPIC in its coolness (where else do you hear Kris-Kross, David Allen Coe, and G'n'R played back to back on Public Radio, with the swear words usually "accidentally" not bleeped?) but alas, is no more, as the hosts moved away from Bethel this fall.

3. Alaska Public Radio programs, including state news reports and all the regular stuff you'd expect from state public radio stations, but one show in particular has really grown on me. It's a show called simply AK, and every week is a treat. This past week's episode had a little comedy bit thrown in at the end making fun of all the Alaska-based reality shows that have popped up on cable in the last few years, and Sara and I enjoyed it so much I had to download, clip, and find a way to post it on here for you to enjoy. I ended up just using the audio in front of a picture and uploading as a video, so watch for a special (and apropos) cameo by our own favorite 2nd grade teacher ;-)


Erin said...

I was talking to Christina the other day and mentioned how much I missed just listening to the radio. Of course she looked at me like I was spewing toxic waste from my third eye but I meant it.

I'm going to get a radio. It's final.

funky punk said...

I love the radio too.

I do not love that photo. :-P I think I should get some sort of royalties for my public display! Are you getting bored over there, Shaun, or do you just missing having me over for the Daily Show?

funky punk said...

Hey Shaun! I read this article on he plane ride over to NC & I think you'll like it. It really is worth reading all 10 pages. The link is: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/11/24/081124fa_fact_bilger . It's about Sam starting up Dogfish Head brewery in Delaware. He has some pretty interesting ideas for new brews.

Give the fam a big hug for me! Happy, happy, joy, joy... (I finally made it to NC today. whew)