Saturday, February 23, 2008

That's it!

Having pretty much had it with the snowbank that keeps enveloping the front of our house, and the precarious, "hope Sara doesn't fall" path that we've been using to get down and out of the house in the dark each morning this week, I went ahead and cut steps in the snowbank while I was outside putzing around with the snowmachine today. Sara seems to like them.

Otherwise, not too much has been up here. We (as in myself, a teacher, and about half a dozen students) were supposed to be in Bethel from Tuesday through Friday this past week, doing some more multimedia training at the District Office, as well as viewing the competing entries, and finding out the results of the judging. As it happened, it was fairly warm the beginning of this had finely gotten above zero last weekend (for the first time in a couple weeks!) and by Tuesday it was all the way up in the low 20s. Hence, there was all kinds of wackiness, freezing rain and the like, that caused the meeting to be postponed to the first week of March. Which sucks a little, only because next weekend Sara and I head into Anchorage for the last of the appointments before she heads in for good, and as such will be heading out Saturday and in on Monday (weather permitting, of course) and I will then have to turn around and head to Bethel for the rest of the week on Tuesday. We'll see how that goes. Not to mention, the Kusko-Delta League basketball tournament that was suppose to be going on as I type this was postponed due to bad weather yesterday, so now it's going to be next weekend as well. Yee-haw. Guess it's that time of year...lots going on, and lots of weather to make everything either happen or not by the skin of its respective teeth.

Gotta love it.