Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well, our trip to Anchorage went really well...relaxing, productive, and fun. But since I last posted, we had a bit of a time getting home. So by popular request, let's continue the theme of stick figure representations of our trip, shall we?

Here we are at Era Aviation in Bethel, finding out that our checked bag and box of perishable groceries had not come with us from Anchorage, but had instead been sent to Kodiak.

Here we are at the airport in Nunap, with me, Trent, and the pilot pushing the plane back onto the runway after getting pulled down towards the tundra by a snowdrift.

Here I am racing to turn off the washing machine after realizing the draining wash water was draining onto the bathroom floor due to some pipes freezing/plugging/who knows what.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Glad you made it home safe! Mommac

FLIPPER said...

Love all your stick pics.......who needs a camera. Keep up the good work. Happy you both made it home.

Kimberly said...

Best pictures I've ever seen. Hands down.