Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Looooong Weekend

And not just because of the holiday.

We've both been down sick since, oh, last week sometime. I went home sick Wednesday afternoon, went to the clinic, found out I had strep. Good times. Plus, I think whatever shot it was they gave me for an antibiotic kicked my butt...I've had a screaming headache since, and that was almost a week ago at this point.


Sara started out the opposite, with the flu-ish symptoms, and now she's getting the sore throat. She tested negative for strep last week, but I think she's going to go in today and get re-tested. I guess if there's anything you can say about the two of us, we're definitely good at sharing :-P

Hopefully we can move past it and get back on track this week. We were really a pitiful sight this weekend, just lying around the house, alternately napping, drinking tea, and watching TV for three days. Woohoo.

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