Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The "Spring has Sprung" Update

Well, after a semi-relaxing week of testing (for me at least...everyone else was scrambling like mad, but luckily I was only tasked with a couple half-days of babysitting seniors and one morning of subbing in the third grade classroom), it was time for what passes as spring break here in Nunap...a 4 day weekend! Woo!

Except that, while Sara had accepted an invitation to head down to her old stomping grounds in Quinhagak for an Easter visit, I had decided to hang out at home for the long weekend and just enjoy the time off. Which, really, I did...at least for the first 12 hours or so. After that, I was bored as heck. You see, the temps have finally gotten up in the 40s consistently during the last week or so, which means melting snow, lots of water on top of the ice on the river, and generally horrible snowmobiling conditions. As such, I spent 4 days inside. Losing my mind.

Compounded by the fact that Thursday night before Sara left, the heat in our posh, trendy, luxurious teacher housing building decided to stop working. Which, while annoying, wasn't a huge deal. It wasn't -20 and windy outside, so we just put on sweatshirts and went to bed. Well, then after Sara left on Friday they came to "fix" the heat....translation: it was on full blast all weekend. Even with keeping the window wide open with a fan blowing in, and propping open the back door whenever Loki needed to go out to get some airflow moving through, my thermometer topped out at a balmy 91 on Saturday. Just lovely.

Take a guess when the heat decided to turn itself completely off (again)? Yep, about an hour before Sara got home. She might not even buy my story, now that I think about it...should have taken a picture of myself in shorts, with a straw hat, and a (fake) margarita!

Ahh, the wonderful world of the LKSD! And I'm not even going to rant about the other stuff...at least not today ;-)

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The Smacca said...

And now...

It's on full-blast again.

So. Very. Annoying.