Monday, March 19, 2007

Spring Fever

It must be the daylight...there've been a lot more in the way of outdoor-type activities going on the last week or two. The temps are definitely still mid-winterish, but with the sun staying up late now that daylight savings time came early (it's light well after 9pm already), there's plenty of time after school to get out and have some fun without having to wait for the weekends. Here are a few pics of our goings-on of late...

Meet Seeker, E.P.'s sometime-lead dog. She had no problem jumping up on the sled and posing for a picture when we headed out on Friday. Eric wanted to do a quick 6 mile run, so a couple of us went along to help...and to take pictures, apparently.

Yet another good reason to come along...Peter bought a new .22 and wanted to try it out.

Here's Eric mushing. Cool, huh? Supposedly there's a local race this week sometime that he's asked me to help out with and be on his "crew"...I'm excited. Did any of you down in the lower 48 follow the Iditarod at all? Some interesting stories this year. I was surprised to see how many mushers from Wisconsin were entered. Very cool.

As I mentioned the other day, we rode into Bethel this weekend. We had a marriage-prep appointment on Sunday and decided to head in Saturday afternoon and stay the night. Anyways, this is a shot of the gas "station" on the river when we stopped to gas up on the way out of the village. I took the picture because it was an unusual sight...two cars! Mind you, these are two of the maybe 5 cars in a who-knows-how-many mile radius, so it was kinda funny to see them both at the gas station. Or not, I dunno.

And here's a pic of the tundra landscape taken from the same spot as Sara's pic in my last post. Boring, perhaps...but I've got to show you Wisconsin people what the real "frozen tundra" looks like, right? Actually, this shot gives you a good idea of how little snow we actually have on the ground right now. It's just been too cold to snow much, and what we've gotten has all blown away in the wind. Makes for some bumpy and icy snowmobiling.

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Ay'atang'aq said...

So I'm not in the lower 48 but I did follow the Iditarod this year. Did you hear about that Wisconsin dude who broke his leg and went on to Finish the race? He also chose to race the Iditarod over seeing the birth of his twin daughters some years back. That's dedication.