Monday, March 12, 2007

It's the little things...

...that you take for granted. Like showering. And doing dishes. And flushing toilets.

This weekend, there wasn't much of all that, or anything involving water. At least water of the running variety. You see, apparently our well froze Thursday night, which made for an interesting weekend. We did haul some water from school on Saturday to do some dishes and flush the toilet, so that was nice.

But joy-of-joys! The water re-appeared Sunday afternoon, to the jubilant (if muffled) shouts from showers all around teacher housing. Alas, an hour later when I went to heat up some water for tea, the clicking of the gas stove was unaccompanied by the usual flameage. No gas.

No complaints, should be fixed pretty soon, and Sara and I have decided showering outweighs cooking for the moment.

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