Monday, November 27, 2006

Tape Delay

Well, what can I say? I've been slacking off. We'll see how much I can remember from the past week and a half that I haven't blogged...

First off, as you can see to the left, the weather has gotten considerably colder lately. The river right by the village has frozen down a foot or more, and this is a picture of Sara and Loki from Saturday, when we went for a bit of a walk on the ice. Loki had a great time, but he's a little frustrated when he tries to pull us on the ice and can't get any grip. Poor Loki.

I should mention that part of the reason I've been postponing blogging for a little while is something that happened last weekend that I knew I'd have to mention. I won't go into too much detail, but a young man from the village went through the ice on the river with his snowmobile, and needless to say it's been a pretty sad situation. This also means our machine is still in Bethel, waiting for assurance that the trail is indeed safe. Most of the backwaters and stretches have a ton of ice, but there are sections that are thin or even open water, and while I have been out fishing once, I don't think I'd feel safe going out on my own without knowing where the trouble spots are.

But on the lighter side, Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. A bunch of the teachers (all who didn't go out of town, and even some that were planning on leaving but didn't get out because of weather) got together and had an amazing dinner and kinda-sorta party. Sara and I made a soup, a pie (from scratch...and the berry filling didn't quite set in time, which was disappointing), and some cookies. Regular Betty Crockers, we.

Let's see, what else? Well, basketball practice started this week, which is cool. I'm about 50% excited and 50% scared, so we'll see how it goes. Unfortunately, when the schedule came out, I realized that the first games are the weekend *after* I leave for Christmas break. D'oh. So hopefully we'll be able to find someone to take over for me that weekend. It shouldn't be too much of a problem, I'm thinking, since there's 4 girls from a nearby village that didn't have enough for a whole team there, and will joining our team for practices and games whenever they can get a ride over. Hopefully there's someone from over there that can handle coaching the games. But yeah, we'll see.

See, I know I had more I wanted to blog about, but I can't remember what at the moment. Oh, I had a couple more pics and a video of Loki playing in our first big snowstorm this weekend, but I gave them to Sara to post on her go on over there and check them out! And I promise there will be more frequent post over the next couple weeks before I head back to WI for the holidays...I promise!

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Kimmie said...

I'll be passing through Pointski the day after Christmas. If you're around, we should definitely do introductions and such. :)