Sunday, November 12, 2006

In like a Lion

Does that count for just March? Or can I apply it to winter in general?

After, oh, about two straight months of late-fall type weather...lower 40s, overcast, cold and rainy...winter decided to finally show up last week. And show up with a vengeance. The picture on the left was taken by Sara last weekend...the river was starting to freeze, and everyone was getting their boats out of the water. I helped pull a couple out, including the school boat. Then, school was called off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on account of not enough students being in class because the river was too frozen for boats but not frozen enough yet to walk across. This weekend, there are people snowmobiling across and icefishing. This week, it's supposed to get down below zero at night, and we're (finally) supposed to get some real snow. Hopefully our snowmobile comes soon so we can get out and play in it!

So I subbed again last week, which was nice. The week was all screwy because of the non-days, so everything was a mess. Kids were kinda wacky on Thursday as well. Now this week, the school starts "extended day", which means I get to actually work every day, at least for an hour, helping with that. I'm honestly pretty excited just to have something to do on a daily basis, even just for an hour. You know?

Not too much else going on at the moment. Having a hard time believing Thanksgiving's almost here and in a month I'll be headed home for permitting, of course.

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