Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election Day post

Okay, I'll readily admit I'm a big geek for politics (among other things, of course), so election days are pretty much like Christmas, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick's Day and Trivia all rolled up into one. We did it up right yesterday, with a family voting adventure and a party to watch results come in until late in the evening. Plenty of comments I could make about what voting here was like, not to mention the amazing results nationally and some not-so-cool state level results, but for now lets just take a look at some scenes from the day that was:

This is a video I cut together quickly from what I shot yesterday when we went to vote...sorry if it's a little Blair-Witch-y at the beginning, I'm just no good at the walking and the shooting.

Outside our polling place...

Isaac got to celebrate the event by getting his first solid food - avocados! There's video of this somewhere, too...I may spare you that.

Sara showing off the Obama Victory Cake I made...did I mention I'm a huge nerd? But we figured if we couldn't celebrate with beer...

Yeah, we party like rock stars here in Nunap.


pattyb23 said...

I like the video! I think it's kinda crazy that you guys have those sweet touch screens and we still have to use the paper ones. Well, this time we actually got to put our ballots into a machine instead of just a box so I guess we are getting there little by little.

funky punk said...

i think that video made me nautious. ;-D j/k

What a BEAUTIFUL song! you have to tell me how to get a copy.

i liked the way you sliced & diced... very nicely put together.

[my shift button only wants to work sometimes]

Kimberly said...

I loved the video! Truly, very wonderful indeed.

Vanessa, WI said...

The video would've have been mediocre had it not been for that awesome song!! What a fantastic little documentary to a historic day.
You think you'd get yelled at if you let the kid touch the screen for you? ^_^