Thursday, June 26, 2008

Late-June Update

Not to break up my string of picture-posts, but no pictures today (seems like the facebook users have been getting the better end of that deal this summer, eh?), but I just wanted to post an article I read about fuel prices out in the Bush. Mostly because they interviewed one of our neighbors in Nunap for the article.

But seriously. Dude, weak.

I can't even imagine what living out there (or here, once we're back) would be like for us if we DID have to pay for our heating fuel, and if our gas needs weren't simply for "fun", boating and snowmachine-wise. As it stands, airplane seat and chartering prices have skyrocketed...making flying in for fun (or simply to get in/out) a real pain.


Not that I can really's everyone else in the village that has it rough. But what can I say, I'm whiney.

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