Thursday, April 3, 2008

Getting right down to it.

It's a little hard to believe. Sara leaves for Anchorage in three days! How is that possible? It was just yesterday that we were telling everyone that she had the proverbial "bun in the oven", and now she's headed in to be near the hospital in case baby _ _ _ _ _ decides to come early? He was officially 36 weeks along yesterday, so he's "fully cooked", as I believe the technical medical terminology puts it...but let's just hope he decides to stick it out at least long enough for me to get to Anchorage and be there for the unveiling, shall we?

So, of course, that means that this week has been spent getting as much as we can in order for our return in May, baby in tow. The clothes and diapers are washed, organized, and ready. The co-sleeper is set up and strapped in position. I'll do some hardcore cleaning right before I leave, because let's be honest...anything we uber-clean now will have a layer of brown fur on it anyway by the time May comes around. Silly dog. Not to mention all the travel and logistical preparations. If everything works out without too major of a hitch, I'll be amazed. Gleeful, but amazed.

So that's where we are right final preparation mode, feathering the nest with stuff, gifts, and orders (which is in some cases know who you are!!). I'm excited, too, that Sara's parents decided to fly up to Anchorage for a week while we're there, and hopefully, if the baby's not too late, they'll get to hang out with their grandson, too. But either way, it'll be good to see them.

But we'll see how the next month or so goes. No matter when it happens, I'll have one heck of a photo post to put up on this site...assuming I make it to Anchorage on time! I may be asking you all to cross your fingers for me at some point, ok??


Anonymous said...

So excited for you guys! Heres hoping and praying for excellent timing :) Melissa

Kimberly said...

Good luck, and here's lots of prayers for the best!

Aimee said...

Ahhh...the first generation of McDonald rugrats is coming soon!!! Make sure you play Burl Ives in the hospital for Sara and the baby....just ask Sara if you're unsure...

Anyways, best wishes to the both of you and look forward to seeing the munchkin!!! :)