Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So there's this student in my class. A bit of a handful, one of those kids that, regardless of where in the school they teach, all of the staff knows by name and reputation. He was the one I was worried about before I took over the long-term sub gig...but he's really grown on me, and I'm really seeing how 95% of his "bad" behavior is really only due to getting picked on by other kids and not being able to control himself or knowing how to react properly. It's not the guy's fault, he's really a good kid.

Well, on Monday he came in with a mohawk. I'm not talking got-a-haircut-and-it's-a-little-longer-on-top. His head is shaved on the sides and there's a 3-inch strip down the middle of his melon. At one point near the end of the day our Principal came in and made a comment that he looked like Mr. T, and of course, having been born in 1995, he just stared blankly.

So it fell to me to explain who Mr. T was.

Just close your eyes and imagine thirteen 4th grade Eskimo kids walking around the classroom saying "I pity the foo'!"

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Vanessa said...

I don't normally "LOL" but this blog deserves one. so....LOL....or even...